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5 Tips to Dealing with PMS, Part 2

#WhatsUpWednesday S1:E24 

In the last episode of WUW, I went over 4 out of the 5 tips to help you deal with PMS (#ICYMI: "PMS" in this instance stands for Parked Motorcycle Syndrome).  

Have you been able to guess my #1 way to deal with PMS? 

If you guessed the #HarleyOwnersGroup (or H.O.G. for short), then you were right!!  Because we all share the same passion for living life to the fullest on two wheels, we all know what it's like when we can't ride for an extended period of time. So we do stuff together, both on and off the bike, that are a ton of fun! 

Hopefully I've inspired you to join your local chapter