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How to Spot Fake Counterfeit H-D Merchandise

#WhatsUpWednesday S1:E22
Because there's so much fake, counterfeit shit out there, I'll show you how to spot fakes online so you won't get ripped off.

Especially since a major social network CEO recently said that, "...people should see for themselves...". Of course he was referring to political ads and how his company does not intend on checking the facts. However, I've seen and reported ads to both Facebook & Instagram that I know to be 'selling' counterfeit goods, and yet they keep popping back up. So it seems that they don't care to do any research for those ads either, leaving you to know how to protect yourself.

This week I'm also talking about what we mean when H-D Dealerships advertise "XX% Off Licensed Products" and why we do it that way. Aaaaand... if you're in the area on Black Friday, be sure to swing by our dealership -we're going to be having lots of good fun #atFXCHD