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Service Tips

Service Tips

Motorcycle Maintenance is important to keep your bike in tip-top shape (duh!), and it doesn't have to cost an arm or a leg.

Here are some simple tips (updated seasonally) you can do at home to keep your bike purring along. The upside: having your bike happy means a safer bike for you to ride. That equals a win-win in our book!

And should you get stuck, need a part, or need us to take up where you left off, we're here for you to #atFXCHD ✌

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"Motorcycles have always been dramatic. They are not for everybody and never will be. This is a product that people can take to an extreme as a means of self-expression."

Willie G. Davidson

Clean Up Your Act

How to wash behind your gears...

Some say having bug guts all over your Harley is a badge of honor.
"It shows I've been riding!"

Well, your odometer does that too. 

That insect graveyard, dirt, and everyday normal 'stuff' (UV rays, acid rain, salt & sand) that your bike has to put up with will eventually wear away the finishes and coatings. That in turn leads to corrosion, rust and oxidation. Yuck.

Your motorcycle is legendary, and deserves to be treated as such.

Show your ride some TLC with these cleaning tips, created by the people who know and love your Harley as much as you do: all of us at FXCHD

Harley® Bike Wash Kit

...includes the essentials needed to clean your bike: Sunwash®, Bug Remover, Wash Mitt, Bug Eater Sponge, Synthetic Drying Chamois & Microfiber Detailing Cloth

93600056 • $49.95 +tax

HOG® Blaster Motorcycle Dryer

Dry your bike in minutes with this powerful dryer. It blows a stream of warm, dry, filtered air (as opposed to reversing the shop-vac to dry bike). Reduces streaks and water spots, no more annoying drips and runs. 

94651-09 • $124.95

Harley® Detail & Protect Kit

...has what's required to make your bike shine: Glaze™ Poly Sealant, Gloss Detailer, Chrome Clean & Shine, Scratch & Swirl Repair, Detailing Soft Cloths, Microfiber Detailing Cloth and Detailing Swabs

93600057A • $54.95

Harley® Travel Care Kit

Whether you're starting the ultimate Biker's garage, or want to keep your ride clean on the road, this kit is your answer. And it fits easily in the compact reusable zip-closure bag so you can take it along for the ride

93600007 • $25.95

How to Wash Your Bike

First, round up everything you're gonna need to get her clean.

(Have Denim (aka flat) Paint on your Harley®? You're gonna want to skip to the bottom.

For the love of all that is Harley® DO NOT use regular household cleaning products!! Amonia on your windshield will help it to crack, furniture polish has carnuba wax that won't allow your chrome to 'breathe', and oven cleaner will dissolve plastic... Unless you really want to just kill your bike's paint & finish (and the resale value to go along with it) that is.

Then, start with a cold motorcycle... because introducing cold water to hot metal (exhaust, motor, etc.) will damage your bike! You'll want to:

  1. Rinse: Take your hose and with the nozzle set on 'rain' move from the bottom of your bike to the top (this gives the dirt a 'river' to run down). No pressure washers!!
  2. Pre-Soak: Spray Bug Remover and let sit, then treat the wheels with Wheel & Tire Cleaner. Go back and wipe the Bug Remover off with a microfiber detail cloth. For the wheels take the Bug Eater Sponge and/or wheel brush and go over the area lightly. Just doing a Quick Wash? Spray that and let sit a moment or two; skip the next step (unless your bike is really dirty).
  3. Wash: In your wash bucket put a quarter-sized amount of Sunwash and fill with water, then take your wash mit and start at the top- mirrors, windshield, gas tank, seat, rear fender, headlamp, front fender & forks, oil cooler, air cleaner, top of the motor & transmission, and rear swing-arm. Most of the gritty dirt is at the bottom and you don't want that on your wash mit when your running it over your tank! That's why we work from top to bottom.
  4. Second Rinse: Just like the first, only now we're going from top to bottom because we want the painted surfaces rinsed first. 
  5. Dry: Use the chamois cloth to wipe down your painted surfaces, seat and chrome, again working from the top down. Use your HOG® Blaster to really move things along! Easily blow the water out of trim rings and engine fins.
  6. Protect: This is where the wax detailer comes in- spray onto a dry microfiber detail cloth or directly onto the bike, then polish to a high gloss. Now's the time to use the Scratch & Swirl Repair, Engine Brightener and/or Bare Metal Polish if needed. Or, for that 'touching a still pool of water' effect, use the Glaze™ Poly Sealant and Gloss Detailer and get a deep shine.

Denim Paint: You're going to use Denim Paint Cleaner (Part Number: 93600064, $8.95). Just spray on and wipe off with a microfiber detail cloth. If your bike is really dirty, then do steps 1, 3, 4 & 5 above. No need to polish because the paint has a low-gloss finish. 

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