What to Watch

Yes, it is important to get the news so you know what's going on. And every so often it's just as important to take a break from said news, because all that doom & gloom can get to your psyche, giving you unwanted anxiety and stress. 

The good news is you've now got the 

FXCHD Channel on YouTube

to watch!

After five years we are once again able to post new stuff online (a big THANK YOU going out to Brooke Caprara & Will Farr for getting that done!). It's been about a week since we've had it back and we've been creating content and posting as much as we possibly can. In addition to official HDMC videos, we'll have informational content and other fun stuff. 

Some of you might be familiar with the Life Behind Bars channel that's hosted by our Marketing Manager, Dawn Fontaine -that was sort of a 'work around' until we got back access to our "official" channel. Dawn will continue posting more 'lifestyle' content there as well as her Life Behind Bars blog.

And if you're still needing even more Harley stuff, be sure to check out H-Dtv.com -click on the menu for the different channels. You'll get the Main channel, and there's also "Racing", "Factory" and "Garage" channels. 

In case you want to give your eyes a rest, then give a listen to the Harley-Davidson Podcast on Soundcloud. Right now there's six posts with more to come.