Visit with us Virtually!

With the PAUSE upon us, our Service & Vehicle Sales are by appointment only and Parts & Accessories are available for curbside pick-up. Even though our showroom is closed, you can still 'visit with us virtually' through the wonder of technology.

See Our Showroom With Skype™

Originally, Skype was designed to make voice calls over the world wide web, but now it's evolved to allow multiple people to talk and see each other in real time. And you can use it on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Xbox and the 'zon's Alexa.  

It is free to use Skype for Skype-to-Skype communications. But you don't have to have a Skype account to use it -plus it's easy to use (and a lot more fun!). 

Just click on Dawn's Profile or you can look her up by her Skype Name: live:dawnfxchd. If there's a particular leather jacket, dog collar, or even a bike you'd like to see, we can now do that virtually!