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Planning for the Road Ahead

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Now is the time of year we're usually greeting our customers after the winter months, showing you what just came in. It's springtime after all- when life begins anew, shaking off the winter dull-drums and running off to the stores to shop. 

And now we're in a new normal that finds most of us at home while New York State is on PAUSE. Non-essential businesses are temporarily closed. Hospitals scrambling for supplies and medical personnel. The news media is playing the same story again and again, the days seem to meld together, you're starting to feel like YOU are in the Groundhog Day movie. 

And with all that going on, shopping for a motorcycle might seem unnecessary, even self-indulgent. Except this IS a good time to shop. Remember after 9/11 when President Bush urged consumers to start spending? What he was really wanting to happen was to restart the economy. 

Of course where you spend your money matters as well. Small businesses and local retailers that have an online presence -buying directly from them, now and once we're back to 'normal,' means that your money stays in your community, giving them a way to pay their employees. 

We all know that in normal times, a Harley® is more than a mere motorcycle. Well now it can be a promise to the future. We have been through rough times before, we will get through things this time too. 

We will ride again, together.

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