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Want a Low Rider ST??


You want it? Now is the time to get MOVING!!

Especially if you are after a 2022 Low Rider ST. Here's why:

  • Thanks to you know what, supply chain issues and availability are a plague to nearly every industry right now. 
  • By the time that most people know what they want, what they want is gone!
  • Placing an order now ensures you'll have it down the road. So, you may have to wait, but you won't be missing out all together.

Harley's new Low Rider ST is the bike for FXRT devotees...

...who want the latest riding enhancements of a modern powerhouse. 

  • We're talking about the new pinnacle of torque and displacement with a factory-installed powertrain: MILWAUKEE-EIGHT 117ci Engine. Precision oil/air cooling. 125 ft. lbs. of torque at 3500 RPM. 
  • FRAME MOUNTED FAIRING: A now legendary design from that has been tailored to perfectly fit the Low Rider ST.
  • BLACKED OUT EVERYTHING: Front end, controls, powertrain and exhaust. The only bright bits are pushrod tubes and tappet covers, and machined cylinder fins.  
  • SPORT TOURING PROFILE: Lean, performance-comes-first posture with a jacked up rear suspension, high handlebars and compact removable saddlebags.

Do you want one this year??

All you have to do is let us #atFXCHD know!! We'll work with you to get you the bike of your dreams. There's only one caveat though:

Contact us now, before it's too late!!