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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

You wouldn't trust your dentist, insurance agent or the cashier behind the counter at the convenience mart to ride your motorcycle, let alone touch it... So why, when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for the Harley® Enthusiast, do so many trust the wrong advice?

This year they can do better, right from the source. Tell 'em about FXCHD's

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

*Side Note: everything you see here IS available at FX Caprara Harley-Davidson, while only some stuff is available online

a girl's guide to 

guy's gifts

  1. Dating just a few weeks? A graphic H-D® 'Dealer' Tee never fails
  2. What's better than Harley® Barware he can use daily
  3. Authentic H-D® Footwear that will let him put his foot down in style
  4. A cozy Sherpa Lined Shirt Jacket will make his world 
  5. Detachable Passenger Backrest (he'll totally get the hint to take you for the ride of your life)

Numbers 1 & 2 are only found in our store, while numbers 3, 4 and 5 can be found #atFXCHD or online. One caveat about #5: Guys (and Girls too!) can be picky about what goes on their bike... you might consider visiting the dealership and we can help pick out the best one that will fit his (or her) bike, or you can get them a gift card.

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a guy's guide to

gifts for her

  1. Whether or not she rides her own, rides as a passenger, or isn't riding quite yet, you won't go wrong with this super soft H-D® pull-over  hoodie
  2. These H-D® Boots were made for much more than just walkin'
  3. Make the Season bright... and Legendary with Sterling Silver Harley® Jewelry by MOD
  4. Sophisticate & Refined H-D® Wine Glasses... Need we say more?
  5. She 'walks the walk', now let her 'talk the talk': H-D® Communication Headsets so the both of you can actually talk while riding

Number 1 can only be found in our store at the moment, as well as numbers 3 & 4. Numbers 2 and 5 can be found #atFXCHD or online. One caveat about #5: Girls (and Guys too!) can be picky about their helmet... if you want to get them a helmet to go along with the headset, then bring them in with you to try it on, or you can get them a gift card. Helmets are non-returnable.

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start 'em young

We've got plenty for the little rippers #atFXCHD too!! For the big and small, young and old... From die-cast models & plush toys , to clothing, to the Lego Fat Boy and the IRONe

for the bike

You can't forget your best bud! (Or your best bud's bud!) 

Here's some gift giving ideas if you're looking to customize your ride. All are available in-store or online.

One word of caution: IF you're shopping for someone else's ride, be sure you know the year and model so you can make sure the part you get fits. You might want to check the return policy or just get 'em a gift card to make things simpler.


We cannot forget that home is where the Harley® is, and Holidays is one of the best time to decorate in the legendary style that shows off your passion of a life on two wheels.

Holiday Ornaments, Snow Globes, Doormats, Stocking Caps, Christmas Stockings, Mugs and more.

Everything you see here is only available #atFXCHD -and once it's gone, it's gone... so you better get here quick!

deck the halls with chrome & leather

and if you're shopping by price, we've got something for everyone!

Except there's way too much to list here, you've gotta come over and check it out!


  • Tin Signs
  • Patches and Decals
  • Can & Bottle Coozies
  • H-D Pen
  • 2020 H-D Calendar
  • Poker Chips and more!!


  • Metal Wall Art
  • Outside Thermometer
  • Floor Mats
  • Travel Cleaning Kit (for the bike)
  • H-D Baseball Cap
  • Disc Brake Lock & Reminder Cord


  • Pre-Luxe Bucket Stool
  • 5 Piece H-D® Decanter Set
  • Winter Riding Gloves
  • Poker Chip Collector Book
  • Harley® Detail & Protect Kit
  • Oil Change Kit

and you can get 'em the ultimate gift

(Battery Included!)

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